Thursday, March 19, 2009

FROM THE EAST -- Acceptance Speech of Worshipful Master Jojo Bautista during the Installation of Officers 2009-2010.

Brethren, Ladies, Guests & Friends: Thank you to my Installing Officers, under the direction of Installing W. Bro. Dr. Dan Razon, WB Rudy Lacuesta, WB Benny Aguado, WB Nick Sarabia, and WB Dante Castillo. You did a superb job of installing all the incoming officers today. Thank you, also, to those brethren who have agreed to be officers for the coming year. With this collection of such capable people, we are bound to have a great year.
I want to say a special thanks to somebody who I really feel is responsible for my being here today - the man who made me excited and inspired me to be a Mason, a friend and like a real big brother to me …. Bro. Rommel Magsino. Bro. Rommel, you know… I owe a lot to you in my attainment of this position.
My thanks to all the North West Lodge No. 271 Officers, past and present, who I have had the privilege to travel with and work with. To all the Past Masters of the NW Lodge 271….. They all deserve special thanks for the advice, guidance, time, and encouragement they offer in many different capacities. They continue to form the "backbone" of our Lodge, and I am grateful for all that they do.
To all the members of NW Lodge 271….., to all the past and current Worshipful Masters and Brethrens from different Lodges, to our distinguished Grand Masters…… who took time to be here for this special occasion, I thank you very much. Your presence is indeed an inspiring support for me.
To all family members and friends…I want to thank you all for being here today. We all come together with a common interest and a special bond.
And last but not the least my to whom I owe many thanks - to my wife and my kids who have continued to sacrifice family time so that I might be able to do Masonic functions .
This year I am privileged to serve with an exceptionally fine group of Officers and members. My own personal success as Master will only come about with group success. I am so proud of our many young and promising new brothers. With them I would hope to strengthen the stability of this Lodge. We will make this Lodge like our home built solid and true to be a positive force in the community and to continue to attract great young men.

It is my plan to move the lodge, once again into community service through charitable involvement. I look forward to working with the entire Craft with well informed brethrens who will always be available to give wise advice. And we will work hand in hand with all other Brothers from other lodges as well.
As Worshipful Master, I pledge to perform all my official duties to the best of my abilities and strive in knowledge, truth, charity, and brotherly love insuring that our lodge will always have honor and respect among the Craft.
In closing, my thought on our fraternity is that it should be the noblest note of our times. - We should always stand as brothers, united, supportive, and passionate about our brotherhood.
May the blessings of Heaven rest upon us, our families, and all Freemasons. Thank you all and God bless.

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